Thrifty Ways to Holiday

Katie Piper presents a programme giving viewers hot tips on how to shop better for a fraction of the usual price, offering the inside track on ways to get more bang for your buck. She is joined by travel industry expert Amar Latif to demonstrate how to be thrifty about booking a summer holiday – be it family time in Tenerife or a city break in Bath or tips, as well as tricks on how to get cut prices in Orlando. The show offers handy money saving hacks and taps into local knowledge to access the best deals.

Famous and Fighting Crime

Channel 4 has announced a new series called Famous and Fighting Crime which will feature TV stars pounding the beat alongside propper coppers from the Cambridgeshire force.

TV presenter Katie Piper, Loose Women panellist Penny Lancaster, Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing, Gogglebox star Sandi Bogle and comedian Marcus Brigstocke are taking part.

The famous crime fighters will be with Cambridgeshire Constabulary, responding to real 999 calls, working in custody, and even CID, as well as taking part in high risk drugs raids and keeping order in rowdy city centres at the weekend.


My Beautiful Face

This programme, supported by a huge press campaign, first aired in November 2009 to critical acclaim as well as receiving a Broadcast Award in February 2011.

Including CCTV footage of the attack, this remarkable Cutting Edge film follows Katie as she undergoes pioneering treatment and attempts to re-build her life, while two men stand trial for the horrific assault.

In the film, Katie bravely tells her story with compelling frankness, surprising humour and an extraordinary lack of self-pity as she tries to come to terms with losing her beauty and starting a new life with a new face.



Katie: My Beautiful Friends

After the huge success of My Beautiful Face, Katie went on to front a four part series for Channel 4 ‘Katie: My Beautiful Friends’ in 2011. In this, Katie sets out on an extraordinary journey to use her personal experience to help rebuild the lives and confidence of people like her who are fighting for normality while living with a disfigurement. And finally, one year after she had the idea to try and build a support network for those living with disfigurement, Katie is throwing a party to thank all the people who’ve agreed to be ambassadors for her foundation.


Katie: The Science of Seeing Again

Following the attack, Katie has undergone 109 operations to rebuild her face. But it is the 110th op, using cutting-edge science, which could truly transform her life, providing her only chance of seeing again through her badly damaged left eye.

After spending three and a half years struggling to accept she would forever be blind in one eye, Katie heard about pioneering surgery that could potentially restore her sight using the extraordinary power of stem cells.

She tracked down the doctor responsible for it and has put herself forward to be one of the first people in the world to undergo the treatment, which entails transplanting stem cells directly into her eye.

Fascinated by this futuristic regenerative treatment and keen to better understand how the invasive procedure works, Katie embarks on an exploration of stem cell science.

It’s hailed by some as the saviour of modern medicine, and Katie also explores the ethical debate that surrounds stem cell treatment, some of which involves the use or destruction of human embryos.

Katie discovers the science behind stem cell technology, investigating the long term effects, the chance of success and moral considerations as she prepares to undergo this ground-breaking optical surgery.


Hotel GB

Katie took part in Hotel GB, the first ever hotel staffed by Channel 4’s most well-known and popular faces. As a former beautician, Katie put her training to good use as the hotel’s Spa and Salon Manager.



The Secret Millions

Katie took part in an episode of The Secret Millions, and was asked to work with Acumen Trust, a charity helping to rehabilitate prisoners.

Ninety percent of prisoners serving a short sentence are repeat offenders. After being released from prison, having a job is one of the most significant factors in preventing reoffending. But a criminal record makes finding work extremely difficult for many.

Acumen run a carpentry workshop in Durham prison but have the novel idea of expanding the project and setting it up for ex-offenders as they’re released; manufacturing and marketing high-end furniture and ultimately stopping them reoffending.

As a high-profile victim of crime, Katie faced a personal challenge reconciling her emotions about both punishing and supporting prisoners. But she is determined to use her experiences to help those trying to make the best of their lives after their sentences.

Gok Live: Stripping for Summer

Gok Live: Stripping for Summer

Katie has recently been seen on Channel 4 advising women on how to look fabulous for summer. For many people this time of year means looking forward to sea and sunshine but for millions, the thought of baring legs, arms, bums and tums is scary. From tanning to waxing Katie was on hand on Gok Live: Stripping for Summer to answer all the questions that you need to know before jetting off on a summer holiday. And to ensure mortifying moments on the beach are a thing of the past.


Body Shockers

In a series of 4 programmes Katie Piper meets people planning major body modifications, and people who’ve already had them done and regret it. Can they persuade the newbies to think again?

In episode 1 Katie met Grant, who has an obscene tattoo on his eyelid and underwent a painful and highly risky laser procedure to have it removed.

She also met Merlisa, who had a massive tattoo across her chest from her youth. Merlisa wanted to get it removed and also to persuade 19-year-old Dija not to get a lion’s face tattooed across her back.

There was also Dominic, who after just three days together with new flame Stefan got his new lover’s name inked on his neck. He and Stefan broke up three days later.

And finally Katie met 68-year-old Marion Hollier, who caused a stir in the 70s when she appeared tattooed on the cover of a top-selling album. She asked her how she felt about her tattoos 40 years on.

In future episodes Katie will hear from more people hoping to reverse body modifications they now regret and people about to go ahead with major body work of their own.




Katie Piper’s Face to Face
Katie Piper invites women with facial conditions to London’s Harvey Nichols for special makeovers, performed by glamourous makeup artists who also share the same facial condition.

Never Seen A Doctor
Across the UK there are people who don’t ever see a doctor, a dentist or a surgeon, but desperately need to. In ‘Never Seen A Doctor’, Katie Piper travels the length and breadth of the UK, to meet those people who’ve spent years ignoring their condition and encourages them to take control of their own lives for the better. The series lifts the lid on those who’ve spent years neglecting themselves, be it through fear or financial worries and following their journeys as they undertake dramatic transformations. From curing chronic acne to turning extreme dental disasters into a perfect smile Katie discovers the damage we can do to our bodies by shying away from medical maintenance and finds out what can be done to help. With all manner of medical mishaps and dental disasters hiding behind the nation’s doors, all of them share the simple truth that they should have seen a doctor, should have seen a dentist.