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All through school I was bullied for being over weight and as a result have never felt good enough. I’ve tried to diet but nothing really works, this January I decided to do something about it once and for all. I started photographing everything I ate on my iPhone and making a daily food diary with the pictures, to be honest I was shocked at not what I was eating but the amounts and how often – I shared it with my aunt and cousin who are also trying to loose weight and its inspired them to do the same.  The 3 of us have also decided to start an evening cooking course at college that focuses on healthy eating. In January I was a size 18 im now finding size 16 clothes baggy!!! I wanted to share this with you Katie and everyone that comes on here because im not just proud of myself for doing something about it but I’m also enjoying the process and feel like I’ve made a negative into a positive- im also thinking about setting up my own blog so watch this space!