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The Healthy Happy Mum Plan

A light-hearted ‘mum manual’, The Healthy Happy Mum Plan is designed to help mums get back to looking and feeling their best, with both Katie and TerriAnn providing useful hints, tips and anecdotes on all things post-pregnancy, including embracing the changes in your body, breastfeeding and coping with sleep deprivation, relaxation techniques, mindful eating and easy-to-follow home workouts. Above all, The Healthy Happy Mum Plan includes a bulletproof, dietitian approved programme filled with delicious recipes that the whole family can enjoy, whilst still guaranteeing incredible weight loss results. Since the birth of her second daughter and whilst on the plan Katie has so far lost 2 stone, and TerriAnn has also lost an incredible 7 stone since the beginning of her own weight loss journey.

Want That Trend

I wanted to launch my own maternity range as soon as I found out the wonderful news that I was expecting my second child. Throughout my first pregnancy I struggled to find any maternity clothes that I liked and couldn’t believe how expensive maternity clothes were – especially as you are only able to wear them for a few months!
Pregnancy is a time where our body hang-ups become exaggerated and our confidence is tested, so I hope that other women are able to embrace the changes to the body that pregnancy brings
and feel gorgeous in my new ‘Mother’ maternity collection.’

My clothes are available to buy here from Want That Trend