I meet Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones

By Katie Piper

Kate & Liz jonesI was thrilled to be invited to be interviewed by Liz Jones from You magazine recently. I have read her diary in the Daily Mail for years and have followed the ups and downs of her life and have read a couple of her books, Imagine how I felt when she told me she had also followed my story! We talked about plastic surgery and I told her about the latest programme I am making with Channel 4, a four-part series called “Bodyshockers” where I meet people who have had a tattoo, trout pout or boob job, and now regret they ever went under the knife or needle, and want their procedure reversed. I also ask these people to act as mentors to those about to go under the knife.  We had a very interesting discussion about the reasons people have cosmetic surgery. She was very interested to hear about my charity “The Katie PiperFoundation” and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting her and swapping a few beauty secrets!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-2503413/Liz-Jones-talks-acid-attack-victim-Katie-Piper.html#ixzz2nj1xQaSD

BBC Children in Need

By Katie Piper

children in needThis year I have supported Children in Need and I was very flattered that Jeremy Vine chose me as one of his heroes – I’ve been interviewed by him several times and he’s a favourite of mine and I love listening to his show.  We talked about how I moved on with my life after my attack and my feelings on becoming an expectant mother.

We have made a podcast to raise money so here are some links to the interview:



I hope everyone will download the interview to help raise lots of money for BBC Children in Need.

My baby news.

By Katie Piper

One piece of news that I am thrilled to share is that I am expecting a baby with my boyfriend of 2 years. As a little girl I always thought I’d have children one day but after all that had happened to me and all the anaesthetics I’d had I wasn’t sure if would be able to conceive, so this baby is such a blessing. At last I will be able to go to hospital for something exciting! My boyfriend is just a normal guy who doesn’t like the limelight very much so I’ve decided not to name him. I’ve never wanted to be with someone famous and I don’t want to change him into someone he’s not. But I do know he’s going to be a brilliant dad!

At my 20 week scan we found out that I was expecting a little girl, it was a bit of shock because we had convinced ourselves it was a boy! But all that matters is that its healthy

 You can read a full interview in Hello magazine or follow this link:


Sunday Mirror column

By Katie Piper

In September I wrote a guest column in the Sunday Mirror while their regular columnist Carole Malone was away. It was really fun to write as I could express my own opinions on stories that were doing the rounds in the media. My main story was one that I feel very passionate about: organ donation.  I had heard the announcement that people in Wales will be presumed to have agreed for their organs to be donated after death from December 2015 and I feel this is a big step forward. People don’t realize how important it is to donate after their death. I have been the beneficiary of donations in the form of human tissue and of a cornea which gave me sight when otherwise I would have none.

You can read the full article here:



Pride of Britain Awards 2013

By Katie Piper

Last year I was awarded a Special Recognition award at the Pride of Britain ceremony. I took my surgeon Dr Jawad, my parents and sister with me as my guests. It was a very moving and emotional evening. This year I was very proud to be asked back as a judge.

The panel was chaired by Pride of Britain founder and Mirror weekday Editor Peter Willis. I sat alongside Paralympic superman David Weir, former England footballer Michael Owen, gold-medal winning heptathlete Denise Lewis, Daybreak host Aled Jones, Chief Constable of West Midlands Police Chris Sims, President of the Royal College of Nursing Andrea Spyropoulos, ITV News’ Mark Austin, ITV’s Jeremy Phillips, Marco Ivone of Lidl, and Mirror Editor-in-Chief Lloyd Embley.

There were so many worthy candidates and we all agreed choosing the winners from the list of nominees was one of the toughest challenges we have faced. I heard so many inspirational stories of courage, determination and selfless actions. As somebody who’s been a recipient I know these awards mean so much to the winners. It’s a Pride of Britain award – that’s a massive thing.

POB 2013One of my favourite recipients on the night was 8 year old Harley Lane. At 3 years old he was struck down by meningitis and was honoured with a Pride of Britain Child of Courage award after fighting back from the brink of death. In 2009 doctors had to amputate his arms and legs to save his life. Yet this year he completed an inspirational run to thank the doctors who saved him. We all laughed when he suddenly turned very shy and refused a kiss from Nicole Scherzinger who presented his award!


Breakthrough Breast Cancer Awards

By Katie Piper

Katie with pink hairIn October I attended the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Awards in London. I was once lucky enough to receive an award and this year I was asked to sit on the judging panel. These awards celebrate the achievements of remarkable women who inspire those around them. Women are acknowledged and honoured for their amazing achievements in their everyday lives. Along with promoting a positive image of women and recognizing dynamic role models, the event also raises money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I listened to some incredible stories of strength and determination; it was very difficult to choose winners as all the nominees deserved special recognition!

I had the ends of my hair dyed pink especially for the occasion!


Marks and Spencer

By Katie Piper


When I was disfigured in my attack in 2008 I never dreamed I could be a model again so I was thrilled and excited to be taking part in advertising Marks and Spencer’s Autumn collection. It was shot by legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz and featured some of the UK’s Leading Ladies. Women who despite being very different people have a strong sense of style and inspirational achievements which propelled them to success. I felt very privileged to star alongside such a wide variety of women I’ve admired for so long, including Oscar winning actress Helen Mirren and Olympic gold medallist Nicola Adams.  Be it physical strength, dedication to helping others, overcoming adversity or simply sheer determination, we’ve all worked hard to achieve our goals and that’s the message: be the best you can be!


UK Stem Cell Foundation

By Katie Piper

As a beneficiary of stem cell treatment myself, I was delighted to be invited to become an Ambassador for the UK Stem Cell Foundation as it supports an area of medical research that holds tremendous potential. I am keen to play a part in helping new break-through stem cell treatments become available for patients in the UK. By becoming an Ambassador for the Foundation, I hope to be able to help raise awareness and support for this incredible area of medical research, which offers hope to so many people affected by previously untreatable illnesses and conditions.



Tunnel to Towers Run

By Katie Piper


In July I took part in the Tunnel to Towers 5k run. This event originated in America to commemorate the tragic events of September 11th 2001 and to raise money for fire fighters charities. I was very pleased to finish the race in a very respectable time of 31 minutes! Some of the runners were running for my charity The Katie Piper Foundation. One of those runners was Rebecca Rynor who was born with cerebral palsy. She has difficulty standing without the aid of a walking frame but she didn’t let that stop her from getting involved. She trained for 15 months so I got really emotional when she crossed the finish line with her frame. Whenever I feel nervous before a race I’ll think of Becky’s incredible strength.


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