Contented Calf Recipe Book for breastfeeding mums

By Katie Piper

The-Contented-Calf-Cookbook-Sept-2011-copy-292x300This recipe book is really useful for breast feeding mums. It gives advice on nutrition and recipes for delicious meals, snacks and drinks all designed to nourish a new mum and help with milk production. There is also information on how to make the meals in advance and freeze them for later. Ideal for busy mums!


orly beauty nail color

By Katie Piper

As you might know I just love nail varnish! I find it’s a real pick-me-up to have a new set of colourful nails to show off! At the moment my favourites are from  I love beachcruiser – a lovely bright pink, kiss the bride which is pale pink and love each other, a white pearl glitter.


My new Nuna IVVI pram

By Katie Piper

I was really excited to take delivery of my new pram the other day. I chose the Nuna IVVI from the range at Kiddicare.  I have prambeen wheeling it around the house on practise runs! It has so many clever features; it can be a pram, a carrycot, or a pushchair facing either way with a 5 position seat. There is storage for shopping or baby paraphernalia and it folds up easily for storage. The carrycot has a built in sunshade to protect baby, and the extending hood is huge. There is even a removable pocket at the foot of the carrycot for valuables!  I can’t wait to take my baby out for her first walk!


The Society of Timid Souls: Or, how to be brave by Polly Morland

By Katie Piper

societyLike many others, I rarely get a chance to sit down and read, but as soon as I opened this book I couldn’t stop.  Hugely empowering, often funny and very real, Polly has set out on a fact finding mission to find out whether it’s possible to learn to be brave. Along the way meeting a variety of people, including a mother who gives herself a caesarean, a man who fixes skyscrapers but is afraid of heights, and a big wave surfer who takes on the sea. It left me thinking about the people for days afterwards – total must read.

Vita Liberata

By Katie Piper

vitaAnother of my tan-testers was this Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 week tan. I thought it was really great – it did exactly what it said on the tin, lasted about 2 weeks for me, and had a natural fade. I was also surprised by the lack of odour that you find in most tans. To top it off I used the Moisture Boost daily body treatment, to keep the tan and my skin looking nice and healthy.

Murad Skincare

By Katie Piper

muradI had been encouraged to try the Murad Renewing Cleansing Cream, and was instantly impressed. It softly exfoliates your skin without removing any of the skins natural oils, and most importantly retained the skins natural moisture, which is great as I find most cleansing creams leave me feeling dry. It comes with a price tag, but I’ve found it worth it.

Melitarose Candles

By Katie Piper

melitaI’ve come across these Melitarose candles, and they smell delicious. The 6 fragrances available are all very soft, elegant and floral, and my particular favourite is this Figgy Pear candle

Cotswold Gold

By Katie Piper

cotswaldA friend recently recommended me to try this new Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil in my cooking as a healthy alternative to other oils. It’s got such a distinct flavour, and was really delicious. I’ve also tried their Raspberry dressing, which is really summery. A bonus is that it’s all made on a family run farm in the Cotswolds.

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