Confidence: The Journal

Find confidence each and every day!

‘When it comes to confidence, we could all take a leaf out of Katie’s book. She has overcome more than anyone else I know’ CHERYL

Don’t look to other people for confidence, find it in yourself. The Confidence Journal will guide you through daily affirmations and creative prompts to help you live the life you want, whenever you want. Katie Piper’s warm and honest voice will inspire you to achieve goals and happiness you only ever dreamed of and will allow you to be the star of your own life.

With true confidence, anything and everything is possible.

From Mother to Daughter

Whether you’re becoming a mum for the first time or you have children who are growing up faster than you could have ever imagined, motherhood can feel like the most joyful and yet the most daunting of times. But you’re not alone.
From the moment I knew my first baby was a girl I started to plan, hope and dream. I couldn’t wait to experience that special bond, but I wondered how I’d feel about being a working mum, how I’d hold on to the person I am. I also knew that the world has changed so much since I was growing up. What advice, values and role models would help give my daughter the confidence and strength to cope with all that might come her way – and to give her an open mind and warm heart?
This is my journey in motherhood: my experiences, hopes and fears – with my mum’s stories of raising me, a parenting expert’s advice and empowering exercises – to guide you from those first wobbly moments to being a happy, healthy mum and raising children who aren’t afraid to be themselves – and to go for the life they want.

Confidence: The Secret

Britain’s most inspiring young woman shares her secrets to finding deep-down resilience, strength and confidence.

With her warm and honest voice that has captivated us all, Katie Piper shares her experiences on her journey to becoming happier and braver than ever – and shows how you can achieve the confidence you never thought possible.

‘I believe that you decide what you want in life, and then you go out and make it happen. Breaking down taboos is one of my goals, and I know there are other people who feel the same way. Who writes the rules? We do! I was never going to give my attackers the satisfaction of being the girl whose life they ruined. Instead I chose what I wanted to be and then I went out there and did everything I could to be it. You can, too.

Success is a journey, not a destination. It doesn’t happen in a straight line, the path goes off to one side and then the other all the time. But when it veers off track you just get back on it and keep going. Create your own future, and your own closure. Don’t look for happiness in other people, find it in yourself.’


Beautiful Ever After

Katie Piper’s extraordinary story of strength and recovery after a brutal rape and acid attack has captivated Britain. In this powerful sequel to her bestselling memoir, Katie tells the remarkable story of what’s happened in the years since she bravely left the safety of her parents’ home. With her trademark honesty, humour and heartfelt emotion, Katie shares the highs and lows she has faced as her life changed in ways she never thought possible. She reveals the dark thoughts and genuine fears she continues to overcome behind closed doors, and the realities, both physical and emotional, of her ongoing, painful recovery. Katie is now a successful charity campaigner, TV presenter and inspirational speaker, but her career highs have often brought her face-to-face with her biggest demons. Her story is still dark at times, but it will also delight and surprise; despite fears of a life alone, she has found her Prince Charming, and Katie reveals both the wonder and anxiety of becoming a mother.

This is the no-holds-barred, witty and utterly engaging next chapter in the life of a remarkable young woman.

thingsgetbetterThings Get Better

Katie’s second book, a self help book titled ‘Things Get Better’ was published last year. Few people understand what it’s like to pull yourself up from rock bottom better than Katie. Her recovery from a rape and acid attack is nothing short of astonishing. Katie has received countless letters and emails from people just like you who are facing their own challenges; people going through everything from break-ups, eating disorders, job loss and coming out, to recovery from issues such as violence, disfigurement or abuse. Katie is determined to spread the message that, no matter how big your difficulties feel now, there is a way forward. There is help, love and support available to get you through your darkest times, and it all starts with you. In Things Get Better, Katie revisits each stage of her own recovery to show that you are not alone in your feelings. She explains how to take things one day at a time to reach your goals, and reveals how to stay positive and treat yourself with the kindness you deserve.

Start Your Day With Katie

Katie’s latest publication ‘Start Your Day With Katie’, a book of affirmations, was published in September and has regularly been in the top 10 chart since publication. It is a page-a-day book of Katie’s most powerful inspirational thoughts, plus quotes and mantras that helped give her courage and hope after her rape and acid attack. With Katie’s guiding messages, you can begin every day on the right track. Let these affirmations help you find happiness and inner strength. They are one of the tools that Katie used to rebuild her life. Keep this book with you or by your bedside table to turn to any time you need a little help in finding peace or inspiration.



Katie’s autobiography ‘Beautiful’ was published in 2011 and has so far sold over 113,000 copies in the UK. Her book has been published in Asia, America, Australia and around Europe, reaching number 1 on the Bestsellers Top 10 for Non-fiction Hardback. It is a harrowing but ultimately inspiring memoir of how one girl’s beautiful face and spirit was destroyed after a vicious acid attack.